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Welcome to the H-Plan Partner Program web site. We are confident this will be a genuinely satisfying buying experience for you and the best deal on a Toyota you can find ANYWHERE!!!!

SELECTED TOYOTA DEALERSHIPS are offering your employees a very special opportunity. We call it the Fred Haas Toyota Country H-Plan. You can lease or purchase a new award winning Toyota and save hundreds even thousands.

Start by selecting the model you desire from the menu below. You will be prompted to put in your information. A sales agent will process your request expediently and reply with a price quote or you may call toll free 1-888-575-0494 to speak to your corporate sales representative. This program is for active associates, friends and their families. Thank you for choosing Toyota.

*IMPORTANT: You must communicate with the specific authorized dealership in your area. Only the contact person has the authority to extend the H-Plan pricing to you.

Alberta Canada residents: Please enter zip code 59444

**Short supply vehicles may be excluded**
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